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Impressionistic Landscapes in Acrylic on Yupo

Click on the image to view Workshop flyer online or as a downloadable PDF.

If you have experimented with watercolor on yupo and have been frustrated by unwanted lifting and muddy color blending when you have tried to layer washes, this workshop is for you. By using transparent acrylic washes, we will paint light-filled landscapes with as many layers as we desire, with each layer maintaining its glowing intensity of color. For inspiration, we will view examples of Impressionistic landscapes by Renoir, Monet, Sisley, Seurat, and van Gogh, among others. Their working methods and color theory practices will be discussed and translated into usable techniques that can yield amazing results for those seeking to paint in this light-inspired style. Impressionistic techniques covered by discussion and demos include optical color blending, pointillism, contoured brush strokes, and using optical black to keep the dark areas vibrant.

Using a grid drawing technique, we will transfer the image from the resource photo to the yupo paper as a simple line drawing. Underpainting with the appropriate colors will build atmospheric, weather and time of day effects early in the painting process. There will be numerous handouts, painted examples and demos of the processes involved in mixing, layering and lifting color, bringing texture and movement into the work. We will do a couple of 8×10 paintings to become familiar with the process and spend the remainder of the time working on a 22×28 landscape, using photos as reference material.

Materials List

  • Acrylic paints- some transparent colors are recommended, such as the quinacridones, phthalos, green gold, permanent violet dark, Jenkins green, plus burnt or raw umber, ultramarine or cobalt blue, Naples yellow, other acrylic colors you have
  • White gesso
  • Yupo paper-several 9×12 sheets to start and one full size sheet for final painting
  • 8×10 resource photos that you have taken of significant landscapes- for each photo you will need a b & w and a color copy
  • 2-white critique mats with 9×12 opening
  • Black sharpie, 12” plastic ruler, #2 or HB pencil, masking tape
  • Several 8×10 copyright free photos to use as reference material, each copied in color and black and white
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