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Creating Artist-Generated Collage Papers for Dynamic Mixed Media Compositions

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If you are interested in learning to make your own mixed media collage elements and how to incorporate these effectively into your work, this fast-paced workshop is for you. We will explore the potential of a variety of paper surfaces as collage materials, including tissue paper, rice paper, found papers like text and sheet music, and deli paper. Several methods for dyeing and embellishing these papers using acrylic washes, stamping and resists will be demonstrated, to help you generate one-of-a-kind materials that will set your work apart. Artists who work in acrylic on paper and canvas, book binders, collage and mixed media artists, and assemblage builders will find these techniques adaptable to their practices because these versatile collage papers may be used on canvas, board, heavy paper, and wooden surfaces.

Color theory and composition, cornerstones of any Washburn workshop, will be addressed by creating several thumbnails using compositional formats to practice placement of collage elements. Demonstrations will include a number of attachment methods for collage materials of varying weights, how to do gloss medium photo transfers, painting and glazing over collaged areas, using drawing media to unify your composition, and incorporating found papers and objects. Students should come away with a number of thumbnail collages and at least one complete, frame-worthy piece, plus handouts and notes from numerous demos to help them explore further on their own. There will be lots of one-on-one instruction from the teacher as well as impromptu group critiques in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Participants are encouraged to bring in any papers, ephemera, found objects, and photos or photocopies they would like to include in their projects, as well as materials they want to share with the class. The instructor, who likes to cultivate a spirit of sharing and group adventure in this workshop, will have boxes of things to share with the class.

Materials List

  • Acrylic paints (craft paints not recommended) white and black gesso
  • Gloss medium, acrylic glazing liquid, gel medium, white glue
  • Illustration board, heavy watercolor paper, mat board, canvas or masonite board or cradled boards (your choice of any surface heavy enough to hold collage materials)
  • White rice paper and white tissue paper
  • Drawing media: options include pencil, colored or watercolor pencil, conte, pastel, permanent ink pens or markers-bring whatever you have, don’t buy new
  • A few brushes in various sizes-not your best ones- and sponge brushes
  • Brayer
  • Bad watercolor paintings to tear up and recycle if you have them, or 1 22×30 sheet of Strathmore Aquarius paper
  • 2 spray bottles- one with water, one with alcohol, small paint mixing cups, palette, scissors, exacto knife, paper towels, apron, water bucket, various scrapers or old credit cards, palette knife, wet wipes, one or two white garbage bags, mat or cardboard scraps, masking tape
  • Optional: commercial and handmade rubber stamps, gold leaf, found papers, photographs or photo copies, sheet music, text, and other ephemera; bring whatever you have from the list
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