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Art Creations Classes & Workshops

Sandy teaches classes and workshops at Art Creations Hamilton Place in Chattanooga, Tenn. Her late summer/fall 2013 classes at Art Creations are full, but please check back here and at Art Creations for new classes.

Experimental Acrylics

Course Description

Abandon the mundane and prepare for an exciting new acrylics course. This class goes beyond the basic skills needed to work with acrylic paint and is designed for the intermediate to experienced painter who wants to experiment with mixed media applications. Combining acrylic paint with many versatile mediums creates endless possibilities for artistic expression. Demonstrations will include color selection and paint mixing, pouring and rolling paint to begin a painting, negative painting, building layers of color and texture, and creating surface textures with found objects. Many products, colors and tools will be demonstrated to take the guessing out of purchasing acrylic mediums. This class is recommended for those who possess a creative flair and want to improve their skills, broaden their repertoire of techniques and to delve deeper into their creative center to produce more authentic paintings. Sandy is an accomplished professional artist whose works have been featured in exhibits and solo shows around the Southeast. She’s also a veteran art instructor who teaches around the region. View Sandy’s work and learn more about on at her website.

Suggested Materials

Paper: (Recommend) Strathmore Aquarius full sheet or d’Arches cold press full sheets, at least two sheets to begin; also bring unsuccessful watercolor paintings on these papers to recycle; or students may work on stretched canvases, 18×24 or larger.

Paints: Acrylics, Golden, Winsor Newton or Liquitex, colors of your choice: craft paints not recommended. Colors used most often by the instructor: Golden: quinacridone colors, Phthalo turquoise, ultramarine blue light, permanent violet dark, Jenkins green, green gold, anthroquinone blue, neutral gray #5, iridescent bronze Liqutex: parchment, Naples yellow, burnt umber.

Mediums: Black gesso, white gesso, gloss medium, Golden acrylic glazing liquid (optional).

Tools: Brushes, sponge brushes, brayer, scissors, paint scraper, color shapers (optional), chalk pastels (optional), exacto knife, pencil, straight edge.

Miscellaneous: Small paint mixing cups and palette of your choice; pencils and paper; 2 spray bottles, one with alcohol and one with water; water bucket, apron, found texturing tools, paper towels.

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