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Sandy Washburn instructs a student at her acrylics workshop at Art Creations Hamilton Place in Chattanooga.

The processes involved in making art are healing and uplifting to the human spirit. This is why I teach art, to give others the wholeness that making art has brought to my life. Young children are all artists, until someone makes them believe that they aren’t. But as people grow up, they sense the need for formal training in the principles of design and color, and rightly so. Fundamentals of art must be mastered, just as in writing or music or sports. Then one can intelligently develop media preferences and a personal style of art making. Learning to acknowledge one’s growth and improvement in artistic expression is easy for children. They love praise and take it in stride when it is given. It is adults who experience doubt and fear, who must be retrained to trust their creative instincts. My goal as a teacher is to assist each student  to enjoy the materials and processes, to make decisions based upon their best guesses, and to critically appraise their efforts without criticizing themselves.

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