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Stone Palette Jewelry

A few years ago, a friend gave me some Russian amber and malachite beads. I wanted to learn enough about jewelry making to turn them into a couple of necklaces. With this modest beginning, I was soon hooked on jewelry design. I began to research and collect semi-precious gemstones, to learn their origins and healing properties. The range of colors found in natural stones is astonishing, indeed a stone palette, which became the name of my jewelry line.  As my skill level increased, it became evident that I needed to learn metals techniques to take my work to the next level. I studied cold connections methods, metal texturing and finishes, and soldering.  My repertoire of metals skills has grown to include cabochon setting, metal etching and enameling. Because each piece I create is worn by the collector, impeccable craftsmanship and composition are essential. The processes involved in creating personal embellishments are at once challenging and rewarding.

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