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Artist’s Statement

Intuitive, Layered, Content-Driven

The inspiration for making art is everywhere: a certain shade of blue, a patch of lyrics from a forgotten song, light shining from another room, story-telling to mark the passage of time-all of these things and many others propel me into the studio. After a lifetime of art-making with whatever materials were available, theories of composition, color and other aesthetic  considerations are firmly inplanted in me as second nature. My focus now is to imbue my works with content- the intangible, the unspoken, meant to be sensed on a deeper level than mere design or technical virtuosity. The two words that most accurately describe my art are intuitive and layered. Intuitive because I seldom begin to work with an end result in mind, having learned that the processes and materials must have their say in what happens. Layered because, regardless of the medium I am using, layers of color, texture, glazes, disparate or compatible elements, must all be integrated to bring a piece to completion. And within each piece is content, whether emotional or reasoned, clearly delineated or obscured, my passionate creative soul is laid bare for all to see. My intended content may not align with the viewer’s interpretation; after all, we each view things through the lens of our own experiences. My hope is that the viewer will take the time to see and respond to my work and validate it through this interaction.

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